2022-08-15 | NYSE:NRDY | Press release

Award-winning coding platform and Codeverse content will be made available to consumers and schools

Nerdy Inc. (NYSE: NRDY), developer of Varsity Tutors, the popular online tutoring platform used by elementary through middle school and adult students, today announced the addition of coding lessons immersive to its growing library of academic and enrichment programs. Acquisition of Codeverse, an award-winning online creative platform where kids create apps and games with real code, will enable Nerdy to meet growing consumer demand for computer and coding education and in schools.

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Varsity Tutors adds immersive coding lessons to its growing library of academic and enrichment programs through the acquisition of Codeverse, an award-winning online creative platform where kids create apps and games with real code . (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Coding is one of the fastest growing segments of education, but the tools and resources for students haven’t kept up with the growing demand,” said Chuck Cohn, Founder, President and CEO. from the direction of Nerdy. “We understand the importance of coding to our customers, and as we evolve into an all-inclusive learning destination, adding Codeverse to the Varsity Tutors platform will help us meet a year’s worth of high quality computer and coding training.round.”

The Codeverse Studio – which includes a real programming language and game creation tools designed just for kids – will be made available as part of the Learning Membership from Varsity Tutors, an all-inclusive learning destination that gives students access to a full range of learning resources to ensure students receive personalized and ongoing learning support. Codeverse offerings will also be available to the company’s school district partners, through the University tutors for schools suite of products.

Founded by husband and wife duo, Craig Ulliott and Katy Lynch with a mission to “teach a billion kids to code,” Codeverse provides kids with everything they need to create real apps and games that bring life to life. to their creative ideas.

“Earlier this year, we hosted a StarCourse on the Varsity Tutors platform, and we were amazed to see that 40% of kids who participated went on to create a Codeverse account and create their own game,”” said Craig Ulliott, Co-Founder of Codeverse “We are thrilled to join Varsity Tutors – together we will unlock this demand and accelerate our ambitious mission to teach a billion kids to code.”

About Nerdy Inc.

Nerdy (NYSE: NRDY) is a leading platform for live online learning, with a mission to transform the way people learn through technology. The company’s purpose-built, proprietary platform leverages technology, including AI, to connect learners of all ages to experts, delivering superior value on both sides of the network. Nerdy & CloseCurlyQuote’s Complete Learning Destination; offers learning experiences in over 3,000 topics and multiple formats, including individual lessons, small group lessons, large-format group lessons, and adaptive self-study. Nerdy’s flagship business, Varsity Tutors, is one of the nation’s largest platforms for live online tutoring and classes. Its solutions are available directly to students and consumers, as well as through schools and other institutions. Learn more about Nerdy at https://www.nerdy.com/.

About Codeverse

Founded on the mission to “teach a billion kids to code”, Codeverse is an award-winning online creative platform where kids create apps and games with real code. For more information, visit www.codeverse.com.

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