3 in-demand soft skills you can develop through online training

The rise of digitalization and automation has brought about several changes in the Indian employment sector; As a result, the way we impart and consume education has also undergone a transformation. To succeed in any industry, a degree, hands-on experience, and mastery of domain-specific skills are certainly important. However, in order to effectively use technology and apply your hard skills, it is extremely important to brush up on your soft skills before entering an organization.

Why is this important?

Previously, freshmen had only a degree, few college assignments, and projects to discuss at interviews; However, the concept of internships, online trainings and skill-based learning has completely changed the scenario today. These days, even freshmen are expected to have internship experience and exhibit excellent soft skills in interviews. This is vital because in today’s era, robots and automation can simply perform various daily tasks, but soft skills such as analytical thinking, communication, active learning and creativity retain and increase the value of employees in organizations.

With its self-monitoring pace and real-world examples, the online training ensures optimal learning and the development of soft skills in no time.

Here are some in-demand soft skills you can develop through online trainings –

Analytical thinking

To find measurable and precise solutions to different problems, analytical thinking is extremely essential. Analyzing data and information is one of the most essential parts of analytical thinking that can be developed through online trainings. Every day, organizations have to manage large amounts of data.

This information should be analyzed from time to time to keep an eye on the growth or decline of organizations in different key areas and to strategize for future growth. This is why people who can manage huge amounts of data to produce good information and help make informed decisions are considered great assets in every organization.

Why are good analytical skills important?

Having good analytical skills could increase your chances of being selected in interviews over other candidates. To strengthen your analytical skills, online training such as data science and advanced excel prove beneficial. Data science training teaches you how to read a CSV file, understand operators, variables, dictionaries, functions and data structures. Moreover, it allows you to learn about data distribution, probability, data statistics, and types of tests while understanding the concepts of descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

Similarly, in advanced Excel training, you can learn in-depth lessons on formulas, functions, lookup functions, and data validation. You will eventually learn how to automate, analyze and present Excel data in the most effective way.

Problem solving

We all face multiple problems in our lives, whether small or huge. In the end, the only thing that keeps us going is our ability to analyze and solve these problems. During any crisis situation, employers always consider employees who have the ability to solve problems at ground level. Online programming courses such as web development, Java, Angular, and Android application development strengthen your problem-solving skills.

Programming is one of those areas where your problem-solving skills come into play extensively. While coding, the training helps you develop a habit of computational thinking and learn how to simplify complex problems through simple codes. An aesthetic design could surely appeal to users all at once, but unless it solves one of their problems like shopping, buying food, or shipping a package, it is useless.

Enrolling in one of the programming courses allows you to identify, analyze, plan, practice and solve multiple problems in depth, not only during coding, but also in your daily tasks.


Automation has brought enough technical efficiency, but creativity is one of those segments where human involvement would still be needed. Every organization today has several competitors. To stand out and capture the attention of their target segment, companies need to be creative. Therefore, employers usually look for people who can think outside the box.

Fellows can enroll in online training such as AutoCAD which helps hone creative skills. The training teaches you how to work with precision on lines, points, circles and arcs, shapes, study the key concepts of layers and much more. In an industrial project, it also requires you to work on 2D sketches and 3D models and come up with unique and creative designs. Whether you’re an architectural, mechanical, or electrical engineer, each new blueprint forces you to be more creative than ever.

In fact, students who choose digital marketing courses also develop their creative skills faster. Your skills in such training are honed as you plan and execute various digital marketing campaigns. Above all, online trainings develop your thinking and allow you to creatively plan and implement daily tasks in your workplaces.

All of these skills are put to good use as you start working on assignments, assessment tests, code challenges, quizzes, exercises, and industry projects that are provided in every online course. Online learning not only helps you learn but also implement and test your soft skills with these practically advanced options. For freshmen with little or no work experience, soft skills are really essential during the selection process as it is the prerequisite based on which candidates are shortlisted.

Courtesy of Internshala Trainings, a training platform

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