6 apps to help your kids stand out in the classroom

Report cards aren’t the only thing that defines your kids’ success. Before they learn to retain information, it is your responsibility to teach them and help them stand out in their classroom.

Since most kids learn through digital devices these days, here are six amazing apps you can download to teach your kids amazing things and speed up their rate of progress. Let’s dive into it.

1. Mathematics prodigies

The first app on the list is Prodigy Math. It is one of the great tools to help your child learn math concepts through games.

The games have 100 levels which means they can level up as they progress. On top of that, the play process keeps them engaged and helps them learn new things at the same time.

You can set games according to your child’s class. So the level of questions they will get will be as hard as they can solve them. Plus, the app provides tips for tricky questions so your kids feel like they’re winning.

If you purchase the premium option, you can also track your children’s progress and understand concepts they are struggling to understand. Eventually, you can provide them with the guidance accordingly and also increase their learning speed. Moreover, the premium option also allows you to get a virtual math tutor for your kids.


To download: Math Prodigy for Android | iOS (free in-app purchase available)

2. Spelling Master Game

As the name suggests, this app is designed to help your kids learn to spell. To make learning fun, the app comes with seven games, all focused on teaching kids to spell different words. You can use this app for kids of all ages with different learning levels.

To check your children’s progress, just go to Statistics and see the reports. You can also review the words your children played on a certain day, which words they spelled correctly, and which of them had difficulty learning. With this feature, you can help them and improve their learning process.

Games also help children learn homophones (words with similar pronunciation but different spellings and meanings); for example, their, there; buy by; write correctly; peace, piece, and more.

Additionally, to help them grasp concepts faster, there are games available like determining wrong spellings, choosing words with correct spellings, multiple-choice words to mark correct spellings of words, and more.

To download: Spelling Master for Android | iOS (Free in-app purchases available)

3. LetterSchool – ABC Phonics & Handwriting for Kids

LetterSchool is a great app to teach your kids to write. It helps them learn all the letters of the alphabet, phonetics and numbers from one to ten. Moreover, the app also offers to teach words associated with the letters your child is learning.

Moreover, there are also many games for your toddlers in this app, to make learning fun for them too.

To download: LetterSchool for Android | iOS (free in-app purchase available)

4. Fairy Tales – Children’s Books, Stories and Games

If your five year old loves stories but is bored with the same old ones you tell every day, then this app is for you. Fairy Tales is actually a reading app for kids with a narration option. It is mainly designed to teach your kids to read with multiple interactive games, making reading easier and more fun for them.

It offers a whole collection of books like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, and many more to read by chapter. You can even download them to view them offline. It’s a great feature to keep your kids engaged while traveling.

Apart from teaching your kids to read with this app, you can tell them bedtime stories. You can either do it yourself or hire professional storytellers to facilitate your child’s sleep ritual.

However, there is only one catch, only one story is available for free. If you need more, you will need to purchase the app subscription. But don’t worry, the app is kid-friendly, which means they can’t make unintentional purchases.

To download: Fairy Tales for Android | iOS (free in-app purchase available)

5. Endless Alphabet

This app is for kids who are still learning the alphabet. It also helps them learn new vocabulary. Interactive puzzles make it fun for them. Besides that, there are talking letters and short animations to spell out different words for your kids.

Your children can learn up to 100 new words with Endless Alphabet. The top seven puzzle games are free, and if you think your child is learning some, you can make a one-time purchase and unlock the rest of the available puzzles as well.

The app is designed with no high score limit to help your child learn at their own pace and without competition.

To download: Endless Alphabet for Android | iOS (free in-app purchase available)

6. codeSpark Academy

If you are a programmer or if your child loves computers so much, this is the app for you! It is designed to teach your children from five to ten years old how to code for free. codeSpark Academy teaches them basic computer science, basic programming, and introduces them to the word STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

This app also teaches your kids through problem solving and logical thinking based puzzles to help them master sequencing, loops, advanced sequencing, events and conditions. It also introduces them to concepts such as Boolean logic, automation, variables and inequalities, and stacks and queues.

The app lets your kids use their coding skills to create interactive stories with speech bubbles, music, and drawings. They can also code their own arcade-style games.

As your child progresses, the app makes personalized learning recommendations. You can create up to three child profiles on this app. However, you will need to purchase the subscription to get new content every month. Plus, it comes with a seven-day free trial that you can cancel at any time. You can use it to test whether your kid even likes this app or not.

To download: codeSpark Academy for Android | iOS (paid)

Make learning easier for your children

Learning by playing is the best way to teach your children. These six apps, running on a similarly entertaining style, can help your child master concepts in days that can take them months to learn the traditional way.

If reading and writing are particular areas you need to focus on, some of the apps we’ve reviewed are likely to help. Alternatively, there are many other apps focused on teaching children to read and write.

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