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TL; DR: The Complete Ruby on Rails and Ruby Programming Pack goes on sale for £ 15.94 starting November 14, saving you 97% off the list price.

With so many different programming languages, it can be difficult trying to jumpstart your coding career.

How do you know where to start? Well, Python and JavaScript are often considered the most beginner-friendly options, but there’s another one that really gets their money’s worth: Ruby (and that’s the Rails companion framework).


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Ruby on Rails might not be the most traditional starting point for coders, but it’s designed to be both logical and resourceful, which makes it easy to explore. This versatile programming language is used to build some of the most complex websites in the world, like Hulu, Airbnb, and Kickstarter, to name a few. And unlike other popular languages ​​and frameworks, it’s designed for front-end and back-end use. So you can build an entire app or website from scratch without having to outsource the work to programmers who are fluent in other languages.

A great way to get started with this beginner-friendly language is to use the complete Ruby on Rails and Ruby programming pack. With 14 hours of training, this set of five courses will help you build a foundation in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. You’ll start with basic concepts like arrays and loops and move on to more advanced things like methods and classes in just an hour. Then you will go deep into creating four of your own apps. Practice makes perfect after all, right?

This training is worth £ 750 but goes on sale for £ 15.94 from November 14th.

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