Award-winning coding platform offers free virtual coding course for kids

Anyone can sign up for a free Codeverse account where they can play games created by other kids, learn how to bring their ideas to life, and create amazing games that they can share with family and friends.

“I am delighted to host our first class with Varsity Tutors. The creativity and enthusiasm of children for coding never ceases to amaze me, and seeing the games they create and share is so gratifying,” says Katy lynch, co-founder of Codeverse. “Codeverse is all about letting kids unleash their creativity, bring their ideas to life and share their creations with the world. We’re excited to partner with Varsity Tutors to reach and connect with more kids.”

The class is part of the Beginner Coders Club, an after-school club organized by Varsity Tutors. In the club, groups of 6-9 learners meet weekly for interactive sessions led by experts to create and play games while learning the basics of computer programming.

“Coding helps develop important problem-solving skills, enables computational thinking, and promotes learning by doing,” said Brian galvin, Director of Studies at Varsity Tutors. “Codeverse has designed this course as an introduction for children who want to explore coding while making coding fun, creative and enjoyable.”

The course is open for registrations until January 19 on the Varsity Tutors website:

About Codeverse
Codeverse is an award-winning creative online platform where kids (ages 6-13) create apps and games with real code and play games created by other kids.

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