Basic coding as part of the primary school curriculum

Member’s name and constituency

Mr. Leon Perera, deputy outside constituency


To ask the Minister for Education (Schools) if the ministry is considering introducing basic coding into the curriculum of our primary schools to create a strong foundation for childhood in technology in light of the UK, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Estonia and Australia the State of Queensland having done so.


1. All of our primary school students gain a solid foundation in foundational skills that will prepare them for future learning, such as literacy, numeracy and 21st century skills. Some of the skills needed for computational thinking, such as problem solving, logical reasoning, and data processing, are developed through learning subjects such as math and science.

2. We expose a large group of students to coding and basic technology through enrichment programs and extracurricular activities. We work with IMDA to offer programs such as “Code for Fun”, “Lab on Wheels” and “Digital Maker” programs. Since 2014, 73,000 students have embarked on the “Code for Fun” program.

3. Most of our elementary schools also have robotics clubs or info-comm clubs that engage students with a passion for this field in coding and other computer-related skills, such as mobile app development. , animation creation, computer game design and robot programming.

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