Best coding games for kids

Every aspect of everyday life requires some form of digital literacy. This can include job hunting, paying bills, and even just driving a car. These computer systems will need people who can write and understand code, so today’s children need to be introduced to coding as early as possible if they are to have an edge in the job market.

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Luckily, video games are a great gateway into the world of coding for young minds. Since many children are “digital natives”, they will already be comfortable in a digital environment, and children are curious by nature, so they are always exploring. Here are 7 games to introduce children to coding.


seven ColoBot: Gold Edition

ColoBot: GOLD Edition by Terranova Team for PC puts players in the space suit of an astronaut exploring a strange new world. Gameplay features base-building and resource-gathering elements, and players are provided with helpful robots that they can program with the game’s own programming language, CBOT, which the website describes as similar to C++ and Java.

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The tutorial can sometimes be a little vague on how to complete all the tasks required in a mission, so patience is required. The title is completely free and the source code is available on GitHub.

6 Code fight

No, it’s not a mortal combat spin-off where Scorpion does it. Rather, this browser-based game from Combat Code, Inc. is a dungeon crawler where players guide a character through a series of dungeons and traps using commands. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses and can be equipped with various tools and equipment unlocked along the way.

The actual character and dungeon are on the left, and the command prompt is on the right. Players can simply start typing a command and easily select it from the list that appears. The free sample game offers Python or JavaScript as the programming language, but other languages ​​and levels are accessible through a subscription. Different subscriptions are available for educators, parents and students.

5 Lightbot: programming puzzles

Luminous robot: Programming puzzles by Spritebox LLC is a simple game for young school children. A cute little robot must light up all the blue tiles on a game board, and the player must program it with instructions on how to make it happen.

The interface is quite simple. The required tiles are found at the bottom of the screen, and players only need to click or drag them to the grid in the correct order. It starts with basic commands, then players can create separate subsets of instructions to use when needed. It is available on IOS and Android.

4 human resource machine

This lovely game comes from the fine folks at The Tomorrow Corporation, the same people who brought World of Goo to the masses, as well as little hell. Players in this game manage a lowly worker who climbs the corporate ladder as they sort through letters and numbers to process.

Gameplay involves dragging and dropping instructions to record information, perform mathematical operations on it, and repeat steps in loops. The animations and dialogue are all hilarious, so it’ll be entertaining for young kids, and it’s just as fun to fail as it is to succeed. It’s worth messing up just to excite the boss.

3 Codemancer

Important little games Codemancer is a unique take on the coding game subgenre for kids. The game centers on a young girl, Aurora, who attends her first day of magic school at Lovelace Academy, where spells are the computer programs. Things are going well until her father is taken by a nefarious polar bear robot, and it’s up to Aurora and her familiar to save him.

The game does a great job of making it easier for players to access the control interface, with step-by-step instructions. All dialogue is also voice-acted, and the art style has a charming children’s book quality to it.

2 Code card organizers

Code card organizers by Zan Kizuna on gives a different meaning to the term “heart of cards”. In this Ren’Py game, the lines of code are represented as playing cards, and the cards in hand must be defined and arranged in the correct order.

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The game features flashy circuit-themed visuals, and the game allows players to see what their hand looks like in lines of code. The concept of using cards as substitutes for code requires an actual deck of physical cards.

1 ComputerCraft Edu for Minecraft

Surprise Surprise. Another list, another Minecraft hall. This one cheats a bit because it’s not a game, but rather a mod for Minecraft derived from another by DanTwoHundred, which adds programmable robot computers, called Turtles, to the game.

ComputerCraft Edu includes turtles for beginners with a symbol interface that allows the use of If statements, Boolean logic and loops. They can make daily life in Minecraft a little easier by performing menial tasks such as cutting down trees, building bridges, and digging tunnels. They can even be used to spot dangers ahead.

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