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If you’ve always wanted to turn your website into an app but didn’t have the programming knowledge to build an app from scratch, you’re in luck. AppMySite is a no codes tool that can take any WordPress or WooCommerce site and turn it into an app without any software development requirements. AppMySite offers a surprising amount of customization for a no-code platform, allowing you to fine-tune the app in different ways.

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AppMySite Features

Customers enjoy using AppMySite’s many thoughtful and efficient features:

Customizable designs

In most cases, you want your app to match your website’s branding to provide a seamless user experience. AppMySite will help you design a custom app icon and splash page, create an interactive home screen, update the color scheme, create login and registration screens, and more.

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Setting controls

There’s so much more to your app than just how it looks. AppMySite lets you manage user onboarding, customize your app menu, configure your product screens, optimize your checkout, and more. for the best possible user experience. This high level of customization makes your app feel like a unique, robust experience that reflects your company’s brand instead of a stock app with content uploaded to it.

Previews and demos

Before pushing your app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you need to make sure that it looks and works as it should. AppMySite lets you test your app on multiple device emulators, and you can download a real demo app to test on your own devices. When you’re ready, you can automatically publish your app with one click.

Screenshot of AppMySite tests.
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Once your app is live, AppMySite lets you track downloads, traffic, popular screens, search terms, and more using backend analytics. This helps you make further improvements and updates to the app to encourage more downloads.

Advantages and disadvantages of AppMySite

AppMySite’s low-code platform is one of the main advantages of the tool. This is a huge plus for anyone looking to turn their website into an app without the help of a professional software developer. If you are on a budget and need a custom app as soon as possible, AppMySite was made for you.

However, AppMySite is primarily designed to work with WordPress and WooCommerce sites. Therefore, if you are using a different CMS or e-commerce platform, you will need to explore other options. Some users also note that if you have customized your website through plugins or other features, AppMySite might not be able to integrate those features into the app. Depending on the extent of the changes you’ve made to your website, it may not really affect the app version, or it may have a big impact.

It’s also worth pointing out that since AppMySite is designed to take an existing website and turn it into an app format, it’s not an ideal solution for building an app from scratch without an existing website to base it. If you’re looking to build a completely new app, AppMySite may not offer the features you need.

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Who should use AppMySite?

In short, AppMySite is great for small teams on a budget that don’t have in-house software developers looking to convert their existing WordPress or WooCommerce website into an app. Although it may seem limited, 42.9% of all websites use WordPress and another 8.7% use WooCommerce, meaning there are hundreds of millions of sites that could potentially benefit from AppMySite.

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AppMySite Pricing

Currently, interested buyers can obtain a one year subscription for $29.00 (93% off), a three-year subscription for $39.00 (97% off), or a five-year subscription for $49.99 (97% off).

Prices are subject to change.

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