City of Refuge Offers Coding Course to Atlanta Metro Residents | News

ATLANTA, Ga (CBS46) In a cute two-bedroom home in southwest Atlanta, Trentoria Hardy and her two sons take a break between classes.

Their and hers.

“A lot of doors have opened for me,” she said with a broad smile.

For a long time, the doors seemed to close. The brilliant student graduated from high school, but sheepishly admits she gave up her Hope Scholarship at Georgia State University.

A beloved baby made her life difficult. Her father went to jail. Then he died.

A beloved second baby made the choices even more difficult.

“I had to quit a job at Burger King because I didn’t have babysitting,” she admitted.

Then she heard about a new class, a tech academy in the city of Refuge, that taught computer coding.

She wanted the training, for a career, not just a job.

Out of a competitive pool of some 60 candidates, Trentoria won a seat.

It was September 2018. Today, after nine months of Java scripting, semicolon correction and lots of computer coding exercises, Trentoria graduated.

She is currently an intern at City of Refuge, with jobs in the pipeline. And a critical message for his two sons.

“I am showing them by example. There is nothing you cannot achieve.”

The City of Refuge is more than you might think when you hear its name. It is not a place to run and hide. It’s philanthropy that helps the residents of western Atlanta get back on their feet.

It houses women and children, teaches culinary arts, partners with social housing and health care providers.

And after graduation he sends people, including Trentoria, out into the world with a career.

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