Data class for “real life” mathematics at MHS

Students at Moorpark High School have a new opportunity to tackle math class without the added stress of algebra.

A new data science class is coming to school.

“You probably won’t often hear the question, ‘When am I going to use this in real life?'” said Jen Silva, math program coordinator. “They will learn coding and a bit of embedded computing in the program.”

Silva said the college-preparatory level class is a way for students to lean into a less algebra-based math course, like pre-calculus.

Students of all grade levels can enroll in the course. The class also has fewer tests than other math classes.

“So it could be a breath of fresh air for some of our students,” Silva said.

Silva said data statistics can teach real-world skills students can take with them into the job market.

Any student with an interest in money management is encouraged to take the course.

“Any business that makes or spends money has someone managing the data and determining how best to spend that money,” Silva said.

Mathematics teacher Samuel Huse will teach the course.

“I can’t wait to have a whole new class where the students have minimal prior knowledge and almost don’t know what to expect,” Huse said. “It will allow them to have a new mindset on the course and a willingness to engage with the material early on.”

Huse also said he believes the new class will be unlike any math class students have taken before, and if done correctly, should be the best math subject the students have ever experienced.

“Data is everywhere,” Huse said. “It seems like everything we carry around in our homes, cars and devices regularly collects data about us, and this course is an introduction to how that’s done and how that data is or can be used. “

The course will begin in the fall.

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