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SANTA CRUZ, CA – Malaika Sud, a new student at the University of California at Santa Cruz, led a group of high school students in learning to code during a three-week partnered course between Ohlone College and Stanford University in June and July.

South recently completed her studies in computer science at Ohlone and will be transferring to UC Santa Cruz in the fall.

She led a small group of students with limited coding experience and said she was impressed with their enthusiasm for the topic.

“Their thirst for learning increased day by day with each new aspect of [computer science] they were initiated – they asked more questions, provided more information when we coded together, and found unique ways to approach the issues that were given to us, ”said Sud.

The partnership between Ohlone and Stanford was aimed at high school and high school students with little or no programming experience, and 68 students took the three-week virtual course.

The program was free and based on the belief that computing is for everyone, according to a press release from Ohlone. On this year’s program, attendance was a 50/50 male-to-female ratio, with some students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and schools, Ohlone said.

the Computer Gateway Program was taught by Doug Case, assistant professor of computer science at Ohlone, and Ali Malik, professor and doctoral candidate at Stanford, and is based on an existing Stanford Python programming course.

The Ohlone-Stanford partnership is the first time the program has been offered in the United States; Stanford has managed the program internationally since 2014.

“It has been a great partnership between Ohlone College and Stanford and I am delighted that we were able to be the first to collaborate and bring this program to students in the United States,” said Doug Case, assistant professor of computer science at Ohlone. “It was great to see the students progressing so quickly in their programming skills.”

Student final projects included making games such as Tetris, Hangman, and Tic-tac-toe, graphical demos, and a live online Ethereum bitcoin price chart.

Teaching was delivered through Zoom and in small groups, and section heads met with groups of eight to 10 students to provide mentorship and reinforce concepts introduced in the lectures.

The 10 section heads included five undergraduates from Stanford and five students from Ohlone – including South – who had recently completed their studies in computer science and are in the process of moving to various UC schools.

Sud said she wanted to help inspire other students to study computer science.

“No matter what your background or who you are, you can easily find a place in IT that matches your interests,” she said. “Even if you don’t plan to continue studying [computer science] for a career path, it can still be relevant to your future plans and can be applied to so many things including art and game design. “

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Even basic coding knowledge can give your business a competitive edge Mon, 26 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000 Immerse yourself in web development, data science, and more.

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April 26, 2021

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Learning to code can help any entrepreneur in the digital age. Not all founders are technical, but as your business grows it helps to understand the technology so you can know where and how to best dedicate your resources to maximize your business reach. Whether you run a restaurant, boutique, or digital marketing business, knowing the most important coding skills today can help you run your business more effectively.

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You will get a complete understanding of web development by learning full-stack development with JavaScript. By working on coding projects using ReactJS, LoopbackJS, Redux, and Material-UI, you will improve your coding skills through real hands-on projects. There are courses dedicated to beautifying your site with HTML and CSS, and building apps from scratch using Flutter and Dart.

Beyond web development, you’ll also learn how to work with data like a pro. Immerse yourself in machine learning and data science with Python, Django, and the R programming language. You’ll even learn how to automatically classify images using Keras.

From building awesome and responsive websites to mining data and getting better business insights than ever before, the Learn To Code 2021 Premium Certification Pack will give any entrepreneur essential skills for success. Get it today for just $ 39.

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Blacks and Hispanics Get Free Virtual Coding Course: South Florida Caribbean News Mon, 15 Feb 2021 08:00:00 +0000

[SEATTLE, WA] – Reskill Americans Launches Tuition-Free Online Software Development Training For Historically Under-Represented Minorities Across The United States Unlike other coding programs, Reskill Americans solves the access problem by eliminating typical barriers to entry. Barriers such as tuition, prior knowledge in software development, or other educational requirements.

The inaugural program begins March 15, 2021 and accepts 1,000 participants who register by March 7, 2021. For the opportunity to launch a career in technology, register at

“We want to live in a world where minority representation in the tech industry reflects its representation in the American population,” said Femi Akinde, co-founder of Reskill Americans. “To address this issue, we created a software training model that expands access to thousands of underrepresented racial minorities to help them build careers in this growing industry.

The training provides participants with the skills required for software development jobs

Participants can learn from anywhere, anytime, as long as they stay on track with weekly homework. The program includes mentoring and offers participants the following:

  • Virtual internship experiences
  • Portfolio of work to show to your future employers
  • Skills needed to apply for internships and tech jobs
  • Tailored instruction for relevant programming languages ​​for all skill levels

Reskill Americans enables increased access to tuition-free training in the United States by customizing a proven and inexpensive online training model. HNG Tech, the African online training and virtual internship platform, has enrolled 25,000 students across Africa in various software development specializations. HNG Tech has secured referrals from Google, Slack, and GitHub and has partnered with Oracle and Figma.

“My instructors were really good people who wanted to explain things to me,” said Ore Ogundipe, who completed the HNG program and is now a software engineer for Azure at Microsoft. “I learned things from this period that I still apply every day in my work.

Reskill Americans are a diverse group of tech executives. In which each has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

“Unlike most open online courses, our participants will benefit from personalized support: they will be assigned a mentor to guide them through the program and the student / instructor ratio is low,” said Mike Koss, co-founder and co-founder. technical director. Mike was one of the founding developers of some of Microsoft’s most iconic programs in the 1980s. As a result, he focuses on curriculum and mentoring at Reskill Americans.

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Day of Giving: Code Tenderloin teaches basic coding and job readiness skills to disenfranchised people in San Francisco Tue, 01 Dec 2020 08:00:00 +0000 SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – Code Tenderloin is a non-profit organization leading the charge in building a better bay area. He teaches pre-employment training and basic coding skills to people in San Francisco who have been incarcerated, disenfranchised, or homeless. The aim is to help them find long-term work.

Shelley Winner is living a life she never thought possible.

“If someone had told me 4, 4 and a half years ago, when I was in prison, that one day I would own a house and work in a huge tech company, I would have them. laughed in the face, ”says Winner.

DONATION DAY: Here’s how to help in your community

After overcoming addiction and spending two years in prison, she found Code Tenderloin.

“They not only taught me how to write a resume,” says Winner. “But they taught me how to do interviews. And they also took me on a technical tour of a lot of different companies and I got to meet the employees there that I was able to network with.”

ABC7 News Anchor Kumasi Aaron spoke to students in a class like the one Shelley attended. They’re free and cover everything from prep for work to coding boot camp. The objective is to help people who have been incarcerated, who have overcome an addiction or who are experiencing homelessness to find long-term employment. Roles range from placements in local companies to tech giants.

“We have people at Dolby,” says Code Tenderloin founder Del Seymour. “We have employees at Salesforce. We have been able to place many people in jobs of $ 150,000 and over, directly from our shelters and tents. “

After Aaron spoke to the class, she and Seymour walked the streets past the office where Seymour slept for ten years. Now he and his care team are helping to serve, working to meet people where they are.

DONATE WHERE YOU LIVE: Complete list of organizations across the San Francisco Bay Area to donate to

“We don’t change anyone’s life,” Seymour says. “We are giving people the tools to change their lives.”

“I just bought a house in Vallejo in March,” says Winner. “I am engaged to be married to a wonderful person. Anything is possible.”

Code Tenderloin strives to meet its goal of $ 15,000 for its #givecare campaign as it continues its work by regularly distributing health kits, warm clothing, food and information to the community. Code Tenderloin also maintains its online courses for students of the Employment Preparation Program and Code Ramp.

Code Tenderloin has also launched the Code Care resource line at (415) 787 – 3069 so that anyone in need can request hygiene information on demand to protect themselves against the contraction and spread of COVID-19.

To donate to Code Tenderloin, visit their website or Facebook page.

Copyright © 2021 KGO-TV. All rights reserved.

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Scott Forstall will give a free coding lesson for Code Break from Tue, 19 May 2020 07:00:00 +0000

Scott Forstall, the former Apple executive who some people thought would take over from Steve Jobs as CEO, makes a rare appearance this week as part of’s free Code Break event.

Code Break is described as “the world’s largest live interactive classroom”. It offers weekly IT challenges for students of all levels, led by the founder Hadi Partovi alongside special guests. In addition to Forstall, this Wednesday’s Code Break will feature rapper Macklemore.’s description of code break events is as follows:

“Computing is super fun because it’s creative and fun. Whether it’s solving a puzzle, coding art, or designing an app, students prefer to learn by exploring rather than memorizing. Students even rank CS as their favorite subject after art, music and dance.

Computer science is fundamental in all fields of study, but since many schools do not offer it yet, this could be a once in a lifetime chance to support your child in a fun new learning opportunity. What’s more, recent studies show that kids who study computer science perform better in other subjects, excel at problem-solving, and are 17% more likely to enroll.

Users can connect to the episode live through Zoom or watch it on YouTube. The associated resources are also available on the website.

Scott Forstall’s Apple career

Scott Forstall was a gifted programmer as a child, who went on to study computer science at Stanford. He first worked for Steve Jobs at NeXT, before joining Apple after Jobs returned. Forstall was SVP of iOS Software from 2007 until October 2012, playing a key role in the development of the iPhone and iPad.

He left Cupertino after the Apple Maps fiasco in 2012 and has been largely MIA since then. He’s done a few tech-focused interviews, but the majority of his attention seems to have been on his career as a Broadway producer.

Forstall’s appearance on Code Break takes place this Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. PT. You can register for the free course today if you plan to attend. states that you will “receive weekly activities, general updates and unique opportunities to interact with our special guests.”

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