Free coding and software training during the semester

Free coding and software training during the semester

The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality organized a free online training program on coding and software during the semester holidays so that “children love science and technology, become individuals who not only consume but also produce technology “.

Coding and software training, which is delivered face-to-face on the Robcode coding and software buses but continues to be held online due to the pandemic, continues during the semester break.

Students aged 7 to 10 (born in 2015-2012) and 11 to 17 (born in 2005-2011) can take the course, which is completely free. The trainings, which will take place over 25 weeks between January 4 and February 2 as part of the semester, consist of 2 main titles such as ‘Introduction to Coding Training (’ and ‘Introduction to Arduino Robotics and Algorithm Training ‘. . Recordings of the face-to-face training to be held at Bursa Science and Technology Center (BTM) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between January 25 and February 4 will be received at BTM half an hour before the event.

The program of the special coding training for the semester break is as follows;

Introduction to Arduino robotics and algorithm training

  • Tuesday, January 25: Fire alarm
  • Wednesday, January 26: Flashing of the Clap LED
  • Thursday, January 27: Checking the DC motor
  • Friday, January 28: Servomotor control with potentiometer
  • Tuesday, February 1: Billboard with LCD screen
  • Wednesday, February 2: Pet Toy with servomotor and laser sensor
  • Thursday, February 3: Electronic counter
  • Friday February 4: Progressive LED lighting with Potentiometer

Students aged 11 to 17 can apply.


Students aged 7 to 10 can apply.

Link to register for training: TRAINING | Robcode (

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