Israel: Phone app teaches kids basics of coding

Nick Academy includes a wide variety of activities where learning takes place through educational games

For the first time in Israel, an educational phone game app teaching the basics of computer coding to children will be launched this week.

The Nick Academy app is a digital platform that includes a wide variety of activities for 16-year-olds, where learning takes place through games focused on science, technology, computer programming and math.

Available on smartphones and tablets, it will feature Nickelodeon characters familiar to children of this age group and will be adapted in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English.

Nick Academy was developed in collaboration with the Davidson Institute for Science Education, the Adler Institute, Code Monkey, the Center for Educational Technology, and the Ramon Foundation.

It will also allow parents to receive regular updates on their children’s progress and development, providing real-time feedback.

Along with the app launch, a “virtual summer camp” will offer a special workshop where kids ages 6-12 can learn to program apps, design websites and create video games.

The global market for educational apps is estimated at $80 billion.

In Israel, more than 250,000 elementary school-aged children have already taken programming classes in the past school year, and its Ministry of Education recently announced that it will integrate programming in studies starting next school year.

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