Jesuit School Students Will Learn Class VII Coding | Bombay News

Mumbai: Students at seven Jesuit schools in the state will learn coding from class VII. Jesuit School Education Board Bombay Province, which has under its aegis Campion (Fort), Sainte Marie‘s (Mazgaon), St Xavier (Fort), St Stanislaus (Bandra), among others, decided to teach the Python language in a simplified way because “they want their students to think logically and analytically using computer languages” and also because “Google, the best search engine , uses Python for its research algorithm’.
In fact, the council published a book – The Joy of Python – with the help of faculty from Xavier Institute of Engineering (XIE), Mahim. The book was published Monday by Fr Frazer Mascarenhas, former principal of St Xavier’s College, on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of St Stanislaus School. “Currently, students in class IX are exposed to computer languages ​​such as Java. But Python is widely used in computer systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning and is easier to understand,” said XIE’s Father John Rose. Training will only begin for class VII in the first year. The book, also intended for the upper classes, was conceptualized by five authors.
Principal of St Stanislaus, Sister Arockia, said the school will now train students in coding for at least one hour a week. tnn

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