Learn Python With This $35 Coding Masterclass

Even a quick web-browsing will take you to a Python-scripted website or application. One of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, it’s a great addition to your resume and could help you land a job in the tech industry.

Fortunately, today’s most versatile language can also be surprisingly easy to understand. You just need practice and targeted training, which is where the Complete Python Certification Bootcamp 2022 Bundle comes in.

Twelve courses are taught by a team of renowned programmers and developers; tech experts from Zenva Academy, Mammoth Interactive and more waste no time bringing newbies up to speed, while experienced coders can find practical advice for crucial certification exams.

Introductory courses can be particularly rewarding: in an hour, you can get hands-on writing your first programs and learning the basics of data science. From there, step-by-step lessons teach you how to build algorithms similar to those powering voice assistants and cutting-edge apps today. Along the way, you’ll learn how Python is used in a variety of jobs, helping you choose a career path.

If blockchain technology and the possibilities of cryptocurrency fascinate you, you might enjoy the course on Writing Smart Contracts for Web3; there are also lessons on OpenCV and Tensorflow, if you’re aiming for data analysis or application development. Additionally, the bundle includes an introduction to Raspberry Pi, for those looking to dive into the Internet of Things. There’s even an extensive overview of the skills needed to pass two major Python Programmer certification exams.

PCMag readers can get 130 hours of tutorials and guidance through the Complete Python 2022 Certification Bootcamp Bundle, on sale for $34.99, or 98% off the MSRP of $2,388.

Prices subject to change.

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