Learn to be a Python coding expert – and you decide how much you pay.

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Almost a year after the industry-recognized TIOBE index named Python the nope. 1 most used programming language, it seems that the use of Python has only further extended its already impressive grip. “It’s hard to find an area of ​​programming where Python isn’t widely used these days,” their summary concludes. “Python seems to be unstoppable.”

Now is the perfect time to strengthen your grip on this fundamental programming with the training in this Advanced Python Masterclass and Automation training pack – and you can even decide how much you want to pay for the privilege.

The collection includes 14 courses and nearly 80 hours of instruction from renowned instructors such as Shubham Sardinia and Prashant Pandey, deepening the use of this fundamental programming language known for its versatility and ease of use. Even novices can join this training, starting with Python Programming for Beginners, a hands-on lab-style course that familiarizes learners with Python programming concepts and data types, including strings, lists, dictionaries, sets, etc. From this knowledge base, other courses expand learning to cover areas such as Java, Django, object-oriented programming (OOP), and beyond.

And since Python is at the heart of most computer programs today, the collection also features a handful of courses that focus on automating different processes, from web scraping and image design to bash shell scripting, so users can write scripts to automate tasks that you perform repeatedly. win time.

While each course is worth $200 on its own, you can load up all of this learning at whatever price you’re comfortable paying. If you pay less than the average price paid by other customers, you will receive one of the Python training courses. But if your price exceeds this average total, you will unlock the entire collection of 14 dishes.

Check out all the individual courses available in the Advanced Python Masterclass and Automation training package, then decide your price for a complete all-in-one Python training package.

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