Manatee Class of ’52 reaching out to alumni for reunion

The 70th reunion in May is fast approaching for the Manatee County High School Class of 1952 and they would like a little help from the classes of ’51 and ’53.

Take it from JB Crawforda ’52 alum.

“We’ve lost a lot of people and we don’t have nearly the number we’ve had in recent years,” said the venerable 87-year-old. “So we added the classes of ’51 and ’53, because we had a lot of friends in those classes and they are welcome to join us.”

A retired teacher, Crawford estimates his graduating class size was 225, but it’s about a third of that today. Among the enduring alums are the retired judge blue jeanformer mayor of Bradenton Bill Evers and retired bank president Dick Turner.

The meeting will take place May 11 at noon at Pier 22 and May 12 at noon at the Bradenton Yacht Club. For more information, contact Crawford at [email protected] or 941-794-5920.

• Speaking of venerable, Michel Sicard is 84.

• A salute to the winners of the 2022 Spirit of Manatee Awards from the Manatee Community Foundation. Philanthropists Jo and Barbara Najmi received the Lifetime Spirit Award. education advocates Steve and Caroline Roskamp and youth advocate Omar Edwards both received the Leadership Spirit Award. Student at Florida State College Gabriella Cortes-Alban received the Young Spirit Award. Bank of America received the Community Spirit Award.

The Charles Clapsaddle Community Spotlight Award went to the late Paul Sharfwho was president and CEO of the Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County.

• Uh, oh! Nick Loffredo is about to reach the Big 8-0! The cape is Saturday.

• And Cindy Kuhn is about to reach the Big 5-0! The cape is Monday.

• Congratulations to the winners of Braden River High at the Florida Thespian Festival. Top marks went to Kennedy Lollar, Cemia Gough, Logan Ranke, Diana Perez, Tyson Durr, Jacsyn Hockenbury and Lauren Wampler. Top marks were given to Emily Garcia, Nicole Lykiardopoulos and Caitlyn Cox.

Betsy Benac is 39 years old. Once again.

• It is the same Mary Glass.

Linda Kinnantoo.

• Salutes to Maria Diaz-Gonzalez and Luis SolarzanoMTC medical coder students and recipients of $500 scholarships from the American HisLato Confederation, a grassroots scholarship program founded by Jerry Hernandez for young adults of Hispanic/Latino descent.

• So who was it in the big, bulky Palmetto Tiger costume, performing with the Palmetto Dazzlers during their spirit number, “Make Some Noise,” last weekend’s “Yes, We Can DANCE!” showcase?

He was the manager Shea Giltner.

• And today marks 12 years of marital bliss for Sherri and Yours sincerely.

“Twelve looong years,” she joked.

I think.

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