Medical coding course: here are some options

India is the second largest destination for healthcare outsourcing work of majority of US hospitals, healthcare organizations and other companies. Due to this high volume of outsourcing work, the demand for specialists, especially trained medical coders, is very high.

The process of standardizing recorded medical words is known as medical coding. Medical coders convert doctors’ reports into practical medical codes. These experts ensure that all relevant data is entered correctly to ensure accuracy and consistency. For consistency and validity in clinical research, it is crucial to use standardized terminology in clinical trials.

Medical coding involves learning the CPT (Current Procedure Terminology), ICD (International Classification of Diseases), and HCPCS (Health Care Procedural Coding System) code sets. These sets of codes help coders to describe the medical operation performed on a patient in response to the patient’s condition as well as their current health condition.

Although there are many institutions that offer medical coding courses in India, here is a list of some medical coding institutions that can help you pursue a career in medical coding.

Henry Harvin Academy: The institute offers you an option of 90 hours of two-way live online sessions that provide learning on topics such as HCPCS, ICD-10, and CPT.

Elate Academy: The medical coding training center is recognized by the CSLA. The AAPC Learning Portal allows for flexible learning and offers 1 month of free external training after course completion.

Medical Coding Academy (SIMCA): The institute offers a 30-day fast-learning course that covers areas such as basic medical coding, Certified Procedural Coding (CPC) course, internship for ICD-10.

Cigma Medical Coding Academy: The Institute’s medical coding courses offer a step-by-step learning process and focus on students examining more contemporary topics.

AOP Training Institute: The institute covers all basic areas such as medical terms, pathology, basic pharmacology (the lessons of corrective drug use), anatomy and physiology (learn more about living systems), the ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding systems.

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