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Minecraft Ed Edition releases a free Hour of Code lesson

Minecraft Education Edition has released a new free hour of code. “Timecraft” allows students to learn basic coding concepts while fixing “mysterious incidents” throughout history. Players connect with great innovators and inventors in science, architecture, music, engineering and other disciplines, exploring major moments of human achievement, while using the coding to save the future!

Students can work with code blocks or Python to complete their assignment.

The learning objectives relate to:

  • Understand the importance and benefits of IT;

  • Analyze and solve problems using algorithmic thinking and problem decomposition;

  • Practice CS concepts such as sequences, events, loops and debugging;

  • Create coding solutions to accomplish a task or solve a problem; and

  • Recognize the various careers offered by CS.

Educational resources include an introductory video, teacher’s guide, presentation slides for students, coding solutions, add-on activities for integrated CS lesson plans, and Kahoot quizzes.

The lesson is available in three different modes: one for the classroom with a facilitator teacher, another for the classroom as a self-guided experience, and a third for virtual learning. Each mode requires different levels of teacher support and modification for student success and engagement.

The latest Code Lesson Hour is available on the Minecraft Education Edition website.

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