My first kiss was actually a lesson

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
I always wake up at 5am, say my prayers and meditate for at least 30 minutes. This is the time when I evaluate myself, to see if I’m still on the path set out. Then I start planning the day.
In addition, I use my mornings to spend time with my children in order to teach them certain things.

How did you find yourself in your profession?
I fell in love with computers when I was still a child. When I was in high school, my dream was to build my own computer lab even though I never had any resources. However, as part of my job, I learned to do different things such as coding and software development. Today, many people are using systems and software that we have developed from scratch.

Who are some of your customers?
Supermarkets, pharmacies, schools and hospitals throughout the country.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to work?
When I go to the office, I brief the staff, give them instructions on urgent assignments. The days differ according to the demands of a particular day, for example, the days when I have to go to the field, I will start with a case study on the client to deal with. It helps me better understand this customer while showing them that the company is investing time in them.

First childhood memory?
I lost my father when I was six years old. Someone lied to me that he had gone abroad and that any day I was going to go there and meet him, it is a lie that I have not managed to forget.

first best friend
I usually make more than a friend, but there is a friend who became a brother in high school, his name is Mubiru, we joined college and then graduated together. We always work together.
However, there is another friend I met in Mbale called Kuloba who works in Abu Dhabi, we usually connect whenever I am in Dubai.

first kiss
It was with a friend during my sophomore year in college, she was teaching me how to kiss. I remember her telling me that I had to close my eyes and just like that I landed my first kiss.

First book read?
Rich Dad Poor Dad, I read this during my A-Level and to this day I listen to the audio version of the book.

First job?
I lost both my parents very early, which means that I am the product of the efforts of others. My first job was a porter on a construction site at my aunt’s house in Nabweru. Before, I was earning Shs 2,000 a day including lunch and transportation.

What is your current job?
As an entrepreneur, I invest in many things, including a brickyard at the moment.

Most memorable experience
Working for a prominent businessman in Mbale, while working with him he funded my first trip to Dubai, I learned a lot during the trip that I can easily say was my turning point. When I came back, I had changed my way of approaching things and working, I started to take big steps.

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