Pune Hargun classmates Kaur Matharu and Shivani Deo bag AIR 1 and AIR 2

St. Mary’s School, Pune has cause for celebration as two students from their school clinched All India positions 1 and 2 respectively in the ICSE Class 10 results announced on Sunday, July 17.

While Hargun Kaur Matharu, who scored 99.8%, is one of four other students who have achieved the coveted rank of No. 1 across India, Rank 2 of All India, Shivani Deo, scored 99.6%.

Hargun Kaur Matharu, AIR 1, 99.8%

“As our school was online, it was difficult to adapt a bit at first, which was a challenge. I reviewed everything I learned on the day and asked whatever doubts I had. during the course,” said AIR 1 Hargun Kaur, who added that she focused on the bigger syllabus during her exams. “I think one of the main challenges is realizing when to stop revising a particular subject. For example in the exam hall, we are often worried about forgetting parts of our portion but it is more important to be calm and collective afterwards,” added Hargun. who recommended that it’s best to focus on understanding a subject rather than chasing cues, as that will eventually follow hard work. “Cultivating culture is important because one should focus more on the subject they love,” said Hargun, who is preparing for JEE Main and has a keen interest in coding and robotics.

Shivani Deodorant, AIR 2, 99.6%

Another JEE senior aspirant, Shivani, who wants to pursue something in engineering and artificial intelligence, also talked about her preparation. “I didn’t prepare rigorously for the exam, instead I focused on what was taught in class, which helped me solve most of my problems on the spot,” AIR 2 said. , Shivani Deo, who said she had no scheduled schedule, but made some changes to her strategy a month ago. “I jotted down the most important topics a month before I had to follow anyway. I set myself tasks so I could finish them on a particular day rather than being distracted,” added Shivani who added that even if she was nervous early on, she considered the ICSE exams like any other that could be taken. “I would recommend students to go with the flow because it makes it easier,” Shivani suggested.

Recognizing the success of the students, St. Mary’s School said this year’s performance is outstanding. “This year’s performance is exceptional, considering that the last two academic years have been online for both students and teachers. It reflects the immense effort and dedication of the entire school staff, as well as the hard work of students in spite of several new and unforeseen challenges since March 2020,” the statement from St. Mary’s reads.

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