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TL; DR: The Ultimate Web Coding for Everyone Bundle goes on sale for £ 23.22 starting July 8, saving you 98% off the list price.

This year’s ongoing debate over which coding language reigns supreme was just as confusing as trying to decipher “Yanny” from “Laurel.”

Ultimately, all coding languages ​​are important in their own way, and each has key advantages that make them the top choice for a variety of large companies. So if you are trying to learn to code in 2020, why not just learn them all? Or at least try them all and see what you prefer.


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The Ultimate Web Coding for Everyone bundle breaks down some of the greatest programming languages ​​to date, giving you a basic knowledge of Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and more. And if a particular language really speaks to you after your initial training, you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts throughout 2020.

The bundle contains a bunch of different classes to get you started:

Python programming for everyone

Python is the language of choice for some industry heavyweights (cough, Netflix and Spotify cough). So if a career change awaits you in 2020, this is the language you’ll want to immerse yourself in. This course, which includes 28 lectures and an overview of the basics, is a great place to start.

Ruby programming for everyone

When it comes to beginner-friendly coding, Ruby will be your best friend. And in as little as an hour (seriously), this informative course will walk you through the basics of basic language programming so you can set up a development environment on your own.

JavaScript programming for everyone

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to taking a boring standard website and turning it into an interactive one? The answer is JavaScript. This programming language can help ordinary web pages to function as full-fledged applications. Get an introduction to JavaScript with this foundational course, which covers basic topics and tools.

Introduction to PHP for Web Development

Among the most versatile general-purpose languages ​​there is PHP. Like the others on our list, it’s great for web development, and with a working knowledge of PHP you’ll soon open doors to new career paths and jobs.

CSS HTML and Bootstrap programming for everyone

HTML powers virtually every website on the Internet, so it’s an absolutely essential tool if you’re looking to be a front-end web developer. Get your CV in shape with this course (intended for novices). Within an hour, he explains how to read, write, and understand HTML, as well as how to build basic sites from scratch.

CSS Bootstrap 4 for everyone

Unlike other frameworks, Bootstrap makes building a website as easy as drag and drop, saving you valuable programming time. With the help of this course, you will soon be able to build websites quickly and efficiently without any prior knowledge required.

Introduction to MySQL with Node.js: Learn how to use MySQL with Node

Once you have completed your JavaScript course, you can dive into this MySQL (a data management system) course. This step-by-step course, which includes nearly 26 lessons and two hours of training content, will have you creating databases, tables and reports in no time.

Node.js Absolute Beginners Guide: Learn Node from Scratch

You are not ashamed to admit that you are a complete newbie to the coding space. Hey, we all have to start somewhere. This course on the Node.js server, which covers topics such as running HTML websites from a Node server, is for those with absolutely no prior knowledge.

If you are seriously considering diving into the world of coding in 2020, there is no better or more affordable place to start. Start using today’s most essential tools and languages ​​for just £ 23.22. This course package is 98% off the list price, saving you over £ 1,000.

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