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Most parents don’t want their kids to play too many video games or spend too much time in front of a screen.

But in many classrooms in the San Diego area, this is exactly what is happening. Students don’t play video games so much as they design them.

“For me, I have no problem with you playing a video game as long as you design it,” said Tony Mauro, professor of coding at Canyon Crest Academy (CCA).

Students at CCA, along with several other schools in the San Dieguito School District, learn to write language that tells the computer what they want it to do.

The district is struggling to meet the demand for the elective class and will increase the number of classes offered for the 2015-2016 school year. This 2014-2015 school year was the first year electives were offered in the district, school officials said.

On Monday, the students learned to create their own video games: climbing, jumping and avoiding death.

Mauro has said that many times students do not realize the extent of what they are learning.

“The concept of, say, learning an ‘if’ statement is in every programming language that you will learn,” Mauro said. “So learning that structure, learning to methodically think about a problem and break it down into smaller pieces, and then being able to assign instructions to that so that some piece of hardware can perform it, that’s part of what you do. we do here. Now maybe they don’t know, it’s a bit under the hood, but that’s what they’re learning.

Freshman Miguel Nepomuceno, a freshman at the school, said the elective class has a positive reputation around his school.

“It’s a great class,” said Nepomuceno. “You have a great time designing things, being with your friends, and creating the things you love to play the most. “

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