Seccl launches CPD-accredited API Academy to teach basic coding skills

Seccl, the Octopus-owned custodian and platform technology provider, seeks to hone financial advisory and investment professionals in the basics of coding, through the public launch of its API Academy.

The API Academy will provide participants with a working knowledge of APIs, and the role and function they serve, and teach the basic coding skills needed to extract and enter data using any API open – skills that participants can easily apply to their daily role, for example to build reporting dashboards, or to create or update customer files.

It will be delivered digitally through a combination of webinars and virtual workshops, and is designed for anyone working in financial advice or investment management, regardless of role or seniority. No prior knowledge is required – although an aptitude for Excel can be a useful starting point.

The program consists of four 60-minute online workshops, held each week from 4and May (detailed below). Each workshop will be supported by its own 30-minute webinar, which participants can watch at their own pace, and a small homework project. The course will end with a short presentation during the final workshop.

By taking the course, participants will earn a combined 9 hours of approved CPD (including workshops, webinars, and assignments). Alternatively, on-demand webinars are available to everyone through the Seccl website and will offer up to 2 hours of CPD.

Annabel Melvin, Seccl Senior Account Manager and Course Lead, said: “While many of the consulting professionals we speak to express a genuine desire to learn the basics of coding, they all struggle to know where to start or who to ask. Our API Academy is designed to fill this gap.

“We believe that everyone can benefit from learning the basics of APIs. Anyone who can query an API can quickly and easily extract any bit of data an API-driven system is holding, in real time – and so by teaching people the basics, we hope to empower them to execute more easily , more data and more. successful companies. »

The public launch follows the initial pilot program conducted in July 2020, which involved 9 external advisors, operational staff and administrators. Since then, the content has been expanded and fully endorsed by CISI.

Were present at the industry’s first pilot project Ian Beardow, COO of independent financial advisory firm Courtney Havers LLP, commented:

“I’ve known about APIs for a while, but never really understood what they were, or more importantly, how useful they can be. Annabel and the Seccl team very patiently over 4 sessions taught us the principles of APIs, and how using them could help me fetch the data I needed, rather than the data the vendor thought I was getting. needed.

“It took time to get used to using the different software systems and programming language during the training, but if, like me, you spend a lot of time trying to access and analyze data from different sources, often with varying levels of success and in various non-user-friendly formats, I recommend that you enroll in the Seccl API Academy.

Annabel Melvin continues: “The Academy will provide a free, low-intensity way to learn the basics and should add real value to day-to-day work. We are excited to be able to open it up to even more people in the industry, offering an accredited program of CPD that finance professionals can use to support their learning and development.

The free course will be structured as follows:

  • Wed May 4 – Introduction: Understand how to query and interact with an open API
  • Wed May 11 – Automation: Use Python to execute automated instructions
  • Wed May 18 – Data: Use Python to retrieve and manipulate data from an API
  • Wed May 25 – Report: Use Python to produce custom reports

For more information and to register, go to:

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