Security Innovation launches a new approach to cybersecurity training with the introduction of the CMD+CTRL base camp

Safety Innovation

An experiential learning platform designed to meet the training needs of those who create, operate and defend software

WILMINGTON, Mass., April 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Security Innovation, the authority on software security assessment and training, today announced the release of CMD+CTRL Base Camp, a SaaS experiential learning platform to build a savvy talent-security team. Designed to meet the needs of software-focused teams, CMD+CTRL Base Camp subscriptions provide access to the entire CMD+CTRL library of over 250 courses and labs, plus the full suite of cyber CMD ranges +CTRL.

Basecamp CMD+CTRL offers a progressive combination of different learning modalities, such as lectures, labs, and cybergams, in a single interface that takes users through a personalized learning journey based on their role, abilities, and technology . Learners learn the security skills to truly reduce software risk, not just verify compliance or solve puzzles. The training also enables learners in various positions such as developer, tester, architect, cybersecurity professional, etc. to work together with the common goal of reducing organizational risk.

Using all three learning modalities together creates the capabilities and motivation that a single modality cannot. The CMD + CTRL Base Camp courses provide the knowledge base while the labs provide the practical skills to integrate this knowledge and the real-world cyber ranges provide a hackers’ eye-opening view of the real-world implications of software vulnerabilities.

“Existing security training solutions are siloed, incongruous, or focused on a single functional area such as coding,” said Ed Adams, CEO of Security Innovation. “Cross-modal training is necessary to maximize risk reduction as well as build a team of skilled, security-minded people to secure modern software from source code to deployment and beyond.”

Benefits of Basecamp CMD+CTRL
CMD+CTRL Base Camp offers many benefits for cybersecurity professionals dedicated to advancing their skills and for companies looking to build security-savvy teams:

  • Integrates data-driven insight into training progress and acquired skills, providing a baseline against other roles and industries.

  • Delivers scalability from one team to the entire organization with a cloud-based SaaS platform with entry-level to elite learning paths.

  • Seamlessly integrates into your environment – cloud-based, with no apps to download or specialized equipment installed. Monthly and annual subscriptions available.

  • Provides a proven path to software security risk reduction, ensuring impact across the entire SDLC.

  • Continuously updates courses, labs, and cyberseries to reflect real-world situations, latest approaches, and methodologies.

  • Matches standards and frameworks such as MITER, OWASP, NICE, PCI, CWE, CSA and others

  • Maximizes retention and skill development through a proven learning model that has successfully served millions of users to date.

  • Generate and scale results quickly with expert services providing personalized advice for support.

The future of Basecamp CMD+CTRL
New features expected later this year include industry baseline to provide improved reporting of learner progress, skill assessments to identify gaps, learning analytics to measure program success, badges and certificates to motivate learners and pre-loaded learning paths to further facilitate path building. For the user, CMD+CTRL Base Camp will offer self-assessment, more content on the platform, automated grading, better integration of labs into courses, and the ability to share and view badges and certificates.

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About Base Camp CMD+CTRL
Base camp is the industry’s most dynamic and integrated training platform for developing software security skills. Accessed from a single portal, learners can follow individualized learning paths, which can be created for any role or experience level throughout the software development lifecycle. These natural learning progressions allow users to to learn safety concepts with courses, then practice these skills in hands-on labs, and finally Master these skills thanks to the competition in our Cyber ​​range. With over 3.5 million users, Base Camp helps all software security players address the risk of today’s technology stacks: flawed design, defenseless code, large attack surface, and poorly deployed deployments. configured.

About Safety Innovation
Security Innovation is a software security pioneer and literally wrote the book on How to crack software security. Since 2002, organizations have relied on the company’s assessment and training solutions to secure software wherever it runs. Recognized 6x in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Security Education, the company’s flagship product Basecamp CMD+CTRL combines role-based lessons with hands-on cyber ranges to build skills that last. For more information, visit or log on to LinkedIn or Twitter.

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