Start of software training in cooperation with ABB and Ankara Bilim University

Start of software training in cooperation with ABB and Ankara Bilim University

With the cooperation of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Ankara Bilim University, free software training is provided in 8 areas. From python programming to robotic coding, from web programming to image processing, 200 people benefit from online training provided by academics from Ankara Bilim University.

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which gives priority to youth education and carries out various projects to support the training of qualified human resources, continues to cooperate with universities.

The online courses, which have been prepared in partnership with ABB and Ankara University of Sciences, to contribute to the development of the information and technology sector in the capital and support the employment needed for the sectors , began on October 24, 2022.

Objective: avoid the brain drain

ABB’s IT department head, Gökhan Özcan, said that the young people participating in the courses will form a foundation in the field of technology and IT after the training they will receive, and said: “The Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara, which has started the digital transformation in the capital with BLD 4.0 in its service approach, will contribute to employment, help students to develop and pave the way for young entrepreneurs. keep working without slowing down. Our goal is to prevent brain drain and ensure that a skilled workforce adds value to Ankara.

The courses taught by academicians of Ankara Bilim University for 35 days in 8 categories are as follows:

  • Database management systems
  • Computer vision and image processing
  • Video encoding IP-TV and VoIP applications
  • Python Programming
  • Robotic coding
  • Object Oriented Programming Java I & II
  • Web programming
  • Image processing

The courses, from which 200 people benefited initially, will end on November 26, 2022.

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