These $40 coding classes are helping kids in need

Autumn is upon us. And it is often at this time that people begin to rethink their education or career trajectory; maybe you are finishing your studies or are a professional looking for a new direction. Either way, if you’re ready to take advantage of the educational mood of the season, you might want to consider learning to code.

One of the best ways to do this is to The All-in-One Learn to Code 2022 Certification Bundle, on sale now for $39.99. As a bonus, every purchase of this training helps children in need.

What coding languages ​​should you focus on?

You’ll want to avoid older, more complex languages, opting instead for more relevant options, like those featured in the 15 classes in this set. Get started with Python, an easy-to-learn and increasingly popular language used in areas such as web development and machine learning.

The Python Mega Course features 23 hours of educational content on object-oriented programming, graphical user interfaces, data visualization, and more. Learn by doing with hands-on projects that will allow you to create real-world programs, including a webcam application and an automated email sender, helping you build your portfolio as you learn.

Alternatively, for those interested in game development, consider the course C++: Master C++ with Step-by-Step Examples for Beginners, where you’ll learn computer programming basics such as arrays, loops, and iteration. , and conditional logic. Upon completion, you will have a solid understanding of how to write C++ programs and applications.

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Until August 24, The All-in-One Learn to Code 2022 Certification Bundle is available for $39.99 — 98% off MSRP of $3,000—50 cents of which will be donated to a charity or school in need. Look for a post-purchase email that lets you vote for the organization you think is most deserving of your contribution; the winner will be announced later this month.

Prices subject to change.

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