Top 10 Coding Projects to Make Our Resume Stand Out in 2022

by Satavisa Pati

April 16, 2022

These major coding projects in your resume will make you an eligible person in the eyes of the hiring manager.

Having successful coding projects under your belt will certainly help you better grasp your dream job. IT and IT-related roles are in demand, as employment in these fields is expected to grow by 13% from 2020 to 2030. In the rapidly growing tech industry, capturing attention is critical from an employer when writing your programming resume and programming cover letter. Whether you’re new to coding or you’re a seasoned programmer, having web projects on your resume showcases your technical skills and experience to employers while helping you stand out from the competition. Here are the top 10 coding projects that would make your resume stand out in 2022.

A simple website or blog

If you are a beginner or self-taught web developer, start by creating a simple website or blog. To do this, you don’t need to know more than the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But remember that your solution should not be too simple. There’s Wix that doesn’t require an ordinary user to be a genius to build a site or blog piece by piece. So your task is to come up with something original. For example, you can think about possibilities for scaling the site and plan them in advance in your structure. Or pay attention to the design. For example, create a website that drives sales using motivational graphics and colors.

A prototype of an e-commerce site

E-commerce websites are laborious to build because you have to build lots of sections, lists, and integrations, and most importantly, make great user experience and a smooth sales funnel your top priority. We suggest that you focus on one of the components of your future store and associate it with your best skills. For example, if you’re good at UI prototyping, suggest a prototype that will drive sales and profit. As for which technologies to use, it will all depend on your initial idea – you can build an e-commerce store as a native app or a website powered by Shopify and other specific solutions.

A cryptocurrency wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is also a reasonably simple solution, although it may seem incomprehensible to someone hearing the term for the first time. To do this, it will be enough to use Bitcoin SDK or Coinbase SDK and synchronize your future wallet with the blockchain ecosystem using APIs. If you’re building an e-commerce website as a personal project, consider adding bitcoin as a payment option. This is an advanced payment method, and more and more websites will integrate this feature very soon.

A referral site

Obviously, you shouldn’t create a jaw-dropping solution like Zillow. However, you still need to show off your web development skills. To create such a solution, you need basic HTML/CSS and programming skills, as well as design abilities. Most importantly, your personal listing should not be for accommodations only. For example, you can create an ad placement platform, a job site, or a car sales website.

A simple game

The most important thing in a game is dynamics and high quality content. To prove your creative skills, invent really cool, interesting and very demanding characters that will meet the expectations of today’s gamers. Some of the technologies you need for this include Unity 3D, Visual Studio, and C++.

A data analysis model

Data analysis models are in high demand, and moreover, it is not that difficult to create one if you have a data set. To further improve your self-presentation, create several data models that will work on the principle of regression analysis and classification.

forecasting software

Predictive analysis is another capability of data analysis software. You can reuse your data analysis model explained in the previous paragraph to make it a predictive tool.

A chatbot

Creating chatbots is very simple. However, you can make your chatbot more innovative by enabling it with voice and image recognition features.

A simple task manager

There’s nothing complex about creating task management software like Trello or Evernote. Take these applications as an example and offer your solution. By creating this application, you could show how you understand the Kanban approach – it will be a big plus for an employee who follows it. You are just a few clicks away from an outstanding cover letter. With the help of our builder, you can choose your basic skills and get a personalized cover letter automatically.

Web Recovery

Businesses will be impressed if you show your understanding of web crawling to analyze and capture data from a website, and even more so if you use web scraping to extract the data. You can use your automation skills and organizational skills to extract specific information from a website and give it a purpose, like creating an excel sheet or a website that uses your collected data.

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