TraP hosts tenth semester coding class for middle and high school students


Digital Creators Club traP, an official Tokyo Tech student club, hosted another successful middle school and high school programming class on August 24. in 2016.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, the summer 2021 event was once again hosted online in collaboration with Supporterz Inc., a Tokyo-based recruitment and event planning company that has become a regular supporter. of the biannual event. Seventeen middle and high school students joined in the fun, forming small teams with their student mentors from Tokyo Tech.

Basic form of the invader game created by participants

The goal was to create a classic 2D invader game using JavaScript that was played directly on participants’ browsers. Throughout the class, students experienced various processes such as drawing figures, handling variables, and detecting collision using conditional branching. They listened to their instructors, asked openly questions, and actively created their own games on their home computer screens. Tokyo Tech instructors also prepared some additional features, such as adding music to the game, for those who felt up to the challenge. After five hours of coding, each group managed to produce their own invader game.

To further inspire attendees who want to expand their world through coding, a series of quick talks was also held at lunchtime. During the mini-session, two members of TraP and an employee of Supporterz Inc. each gave five-minute lectures on topics such as image generation and its relationship to games.

Lightning Talk: TraP member presentation program to automatically generate images

Lightning Talk: TraP member presentation program to automatically generate images

Based on the post-event questionnaire, participants were satisfied with the results. Some said they were excited to learn how coding actually makes movement in games, while others noted that the event sparked their interest in further study of programming.

Comments from the programming course moderator

Kenta tsuji

2nd year, Earth and Planetary Sciences

My interest in programming started to grow in college when I saw the people around me programming. I still remember being impressed by these people, who told me what I needed to download to be able to write code, and how I had to write it to make the program work the way I wanted it to. I hope this programming course has created opportunities for participating students to take an interest in programming.

What is the Digital Creators Club trap?

Digital Creators Club traP, an official club for Tokyo Tech students, was established in April 2015 with the aim of producing digital content as a team and sharing techniques and technologies with others. The club focuses on various activities including game programming, digital and audio content creation, 2D illustrations and 3D modeling, pixel graphics, competitive programming and cybersecurity to capture flag competitions. TraP shares their knowledge through various public engagement activities, including game creation exchange events and programming classes for middle and high school students.

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