University of New Orleans to Offer Crash Python Coding Course


The Professional and Continuing Education at the University of New Orleans (UNO) will feature a new class, the Python fundamentals coding, from December 17, over two days. The course is designed to be quick and comprehensive, totaling six hours.

“After just two days of classes, students will have a fundamental understanding of how to code in Python, which is also one of the most versatile and widely used programming languages,” said Tina Chang, Associate Vice President professional and continuing training.

Seasoned expert Michael Flot, who uses Python for his work in cybersecurity and bioinformatics, will teach the course.

Students will learn how to install Python, variables, functions, lists, and more throughout the class.

“With the growing number of tech companies in greater New Orleans, it’s predictable that digital literacy will become increasingly important in Louisiana,” Chang continued. “UNO Professional and Continuing Education will offer more workshops, courses and certificates to help increase digital literacy and respond to existing interest in the community.”

For more information on Python fundamentals or to register, Click here.

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