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EFFINGHAM – Students at St. Anthony High School will now gain hands-on experience in the tech world through a new course offered at the school called MobileMakersEdu.

MobileMakers is a tech literacy course that teaches students about coding, tech languages ​​used by professionals, and even how to build their own Apple mobile app. St. Anthony High School principal Greg Fearday said a newly renovated computer lab would create a real atmosphere for MobileMakers students.

“The design of the classroom is meant to mimic a small software company,” Fearday said. “It’s intended to be a very collaborative learning environment.”

MobileMakers is brought to you by Uncharted Learning, a Barrington-based company. Company chief evangelist Margarita Geleske said the one-year course teaches students the Swift coding language used by Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

The 20 students currently enrolled in the program at St. Anthony High School will create at least eight different mobile apps and eventually create an app of their own design. Geleske said a program like MobileMakers is important for schools like St. Anthony because coding is the language of the future.

“We see it as a pretty powerful gateway language. Gateway because the encoding is unbreakable. You can’t break your computer if you code incorrectly in Swift,” Geleske said. “It’s important to learn to code because frankly we think it’s the literacy of this century. There really isn’t a high school kid today who doesn’t use an app in some form or form. other.”

Geleske said that while the coding and tech languages ​​may seem abstract, the self-designed mobile app created by each student is something tangible to show others. She said learning to code and building mobile apps can help students prepare for their educational and professional future, as much of the economy is tied to technology.

After the MobileMakers program ends, Geleske said the company hopes students are keen to learn more about the world of coding.

“For the students taking this course, there will be a group that will be inspired and hungry for more, and they might continue to learn in Swift or want to take on a different language, such as JavaScript, C ++,” Geleske said. “It has more or less prepared their brains to code where they are more easily able to adopt another (coding) language.”

Fearday said St. Anthony High School is keen to implement MobileMakers into their curriculum because many students at the school have a great master’s degree in math and science and are continuing their education in these areas at college. He said the school wanted to better prepare these students in as many IT fields as possible, including coding.

Phil Zaccari, a tech, social studies and directory instructor and tech support specialist, will instruct the class, Fearday said. Although Zaccari will guide the students throughout the course, Fearday said the students will also play a very independent role in the classroom.

“The idea is that he’s an instructor (and) a facilitator, and the students have a bit of ownership of their own learning and their own experience in this class,” Fearday said.

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