Utah Tech welcomes first freshman class under new name

Utah Tech University began welcoming its new students to campus over the past week, marking the first freshman class to join the institution under its new name.

Utah Tech officials helped students settle in, get familiar with the campus, and learn about school policies and expectations through “Trailblazer Connections courses.”

Although the enrollment count has not been finalized, it could be the highest total enrollment in the university’s history when counting students enrolled concurrently, said Darlene Dilley, vice- director of registration management.

“We are thrilled to welcome Utah Tech University’s first incoming class,” Dilley said, noting that 27% of the class included minority students and international students, a significant increase in the diversity of the school.

About 68% of enrollees are from Utah, with 32% from out of state, Dilley said.

Utah Tech University is welcoming the new batch of freshmen during Fall 2022 Welcome Week.

University officials and many others were excited about the new class under the Utah Tech name, though some freshmen who grew up in the area said they still had attachments to the old name “Dixie” of the school.

The school changed its name from Dixie State University to Utah Tech earlier this summer after the state legislature approved the move.

Dilley said the name change doesn’t seem to have deterred many locals from signing up, though some have expressed a problem with it.

“You know, they grew up here. It’s been Dixie their whole life,” she said. “So it’s something new, but helping students understand what that means, not just for the future of the university but for their future, that’s why we did it, is to help our students succeed.”

As Utah Tech continues to grow and implement tech into all classrooms, the university is starting to offer students full access to online courses with Pluralsight. This will allow students to earn certificates and badges in areas such as coding or tech support, but also applies to all course types.

The university’s official enrollment numbers will be released in the coming months, Dilley said.

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